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If you’re about to start your property search, save yourself time, money and hassle by getting prepared ahead of viewings with a good2rent Rental Passport™.

You can now prove your eligibility and affordability upfront to ensure you get the best properties, ahead of other applicants.

Get the home you love for just £10 without the stress and start saving with a host of good2rent discounts, exclusive to Rental Passport™ holders.

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Are you a five star tenant?

Secure your next property quicker and easier - prove to agents and landlords that you're a great tenant with our portable five star rating, only available with a good2rent Rental Passport™!

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Renting just got easier and more rewarding

Secure your new rental home quicker and more simply.

Sign up for a good2rent Rental Passport™ before you start your property search and we will verify that you are ‘good2rent’ with our digital ID, verified income and soft credit check so that you can prove your suitability and so secure your new home more quickly and with less hassle.

Boost your passport by getting a landlord reference using our automated system and start building your Trusted Renter™ star rating today.

Letting agents can pre-qualify you ahead of viewings, and instantly accept you at the property as a tenant if you decide to go ahead.

Your good2rent Rental Passport™ lasts the length of your renting lifetime and can be used again and again. Share it with as many agents and landlords for up to 90 days for just £10, next time you move update it and get a tenant star rating from your existing landlord/letting agent and share again, and again, and again.

This is the smart way of renting your next home. Prove yourself as a trusted, high quality renter.

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Lifetime Rental Passport™ for £10

Please allow up to 15 minutes!

Step 1 – Digital Yoti ID Yoti

Step 2 – Verified Income

Step 3 – Instant Credit Check

  • Tenant perks & discounts
  • star rating
  • Passport for life
  • unlimited sharing

Open Banking
(Coming Soon)

Open Banking is the use of open-source technology to achieve greater financial transparency with the use of API’s (application programming interface).

Open Banking

Affordability  Based on the income above, good2rent calculate that your rental affordability is £1,000 pcm.

Rental Payments  Based on the data above, good2rent can demonstrate regular rental payments of £1,000 pcm for the last 6 months.

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Perks and discounts for renters

Renting should be rewarding, with the good2rent Rental Passport™ take advantage of numerous discounts available from your daily caffeine-fix to those ‘must have’ pair of shoes, we have all your discounts covered.

Enhance your rental experience and tenant life today!

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There are 10 million tenants in the UK!
So what are the benefits of being a good2rent renter?


  • Create your verified rental passport in 15 minutes
  • Share your search requirements with local agents
  • properties selected using our unique Rent Match™ (Coming Soon)
  • Agents preference you for their upcoming properties
  • Get ahead of other applicants and move in fast
  • rewarded for renting with Perks and discounts

All for £10, this was a no brainer to me



  • Long wait for referencing, uncertainty for you
  • Search online, properties often already gone
  • Register repeatedly with local agents
  • You're just another unqualified lead
  • No way of standing out as a good tenant
  • No perks and discounts

It was very time consuming repeating my property requirements to each agent

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Rental Passport™ with Digital ID

Partnered with Yoti


To rent in the UK you must be able to provide proof of your ID and so good2rent have partnered with Yoti to make it quicker, easier and safer for you to verify and authenticate your identity within your Rental Passport™.

Quick, easy & free to create
Use Yoti for other applications like proving your age in pubs, clubs and cinemas.

Stand out to letting agents
Get your Yoti in under five minutes, just take a selfie and a photo of your ID with your mobile.
Yoti transforms your details into a digital identity for you to use free of charge.

Keeping your data safe is Yoti’s highest priority
To protect every piece of personal information you give them, Yoti scramble it with advanced 256-bit encryption.
By encrypting and storing your data using separate cryptographic keys, the security of your sensitive data is ensured.

Download the free Yoti app and join 4 million other people today!

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Get matched with hot new properties ahead of other applicants
(Coming Soon)

good2rent shares your profile summary (with your permission) with local letting agents allowing you to be matched with properties which suit your budget and rental requirements, often before they are listed.

No more calling around registering with multiple agents. Input your details once and we’ll share them with local agents to take the hassle out of finding your new home.

This is the smart way of renting your new place.

Our Moving In Service

Let us take the hassle away from you, by using our in-house concierge service.

We can recommend and contact energy companies to ensure that you’re getting the best deals, as well as notify your local council, water board and anyone else relevant to your new home to inform them of your moving date and your meter readings. This is a free service for all of our Rental Passport™ holders .

Want broadband and TV set-up and ready to go for the day you move in?

Our concierge service offers discounts on Sky broadband and TV packages that can’t be found anywhere else and are exclusively for good2rent Rental Passport™ holders. We’ll arrange with them to set-up your media and broadband for the day you move in.

Don’t forget your good2rent insurance!

Rental Passport™ holders get access to some great insurance offers to make sure your things are fully protected at a fair price.

Contact us to find out more.

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Save time and get rewarded, receive property listings first, show letting agents and landlords you are good2rent their property ahead of viewings, with the UK’s favourite fully verified Rental Passport™.

Let’s secure the keys to your new rental home, without the scramble.

Your Rental Passport™ is quick to build, manage and share with multiple letting agents and landlords throughout your renting life.

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